An Art Director & Graphic Designer focusing on brand identity & digital media advertising.

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Advertising / Visual Communication

I am versatile creative who excels in
various disciplines including:

Art Direction

Brand Identity Design

Visual Design


Motion Graphics

Collaboration and Teamwork

My Beautiful Clients

"We asked Aleksandra to create designs for our start-up (i.e. brand identity). We are still very happy with the result after more than 2 years. The communication with Aleksandra was always impeccable and she implemented our wishes 1:1 and also incorporated her own ideas, which we were very happy to take on board. We can recommend Aleksandra at any time and without any reservation."

Dr. Florestan Goedings from Vancy Network

Creative Visionary Genius


We successfully completed lots of projects in four different industries - from health to tech.


We have four worldwide locations in Europe, US, and Asia so you can reach us anytime of the day.

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About Me

As an Art Director and Graphic Designer, I seamlessly blend creativity, technology, and strategy to address clients' unique needs. With a rich background cultivated across London, Berlin, Stockholm, Hamburg, and Belgrade, I bring a global perspective to my work.

Collaborative by nature, I thrive on fostering design teams and engaging in co-creative processes with clients.

Over 7+ years, I've successfully orchestrated advertising campaigns and communication designs for renowned brands including Samsung, Microsoft, MSD (Merck), Alcon, air berlin and many more.

My capabilities span across design projects, advertising campaigns, brand identity development, and innovative initiatives. Let's connect and explore the transformative power of design together.